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Recent recordings:
OUT - "Swim Buddies" Full-length record on 12" Vinyl

VIDEO for "Back That Truck Up"
Bonehawk - "Southbound" Tribute to Thin Lizzy on Vinyl
The Disruption Digital EP
Purple Lemurs 5-song EP
Fates Collide 5-song EP

NEWLY RENOVATED SPACE in Downtown Kalamazoo!

We're finally up and running again after an extensive 10-month studio renovation! The studio space has been completely gutted and rebuilt from a blank canvas. What's new? Everything.

-New 1,700 SF floor plan: Main entry, kitchen and bath are now isolated from the recording areas. They're joined only by a common hallway that also serves as an air-lock for sound.

-16'x17' control room - 5' larger in depth than before. We added an amp rack in the control room with speaker cab connections to each iso booth and the live room. This makes it easy to adjust amp settings while tracking guitar or bass in the control room.

-23'x27' main live tracking room - 6' wider than before. A full band fits easily with room to spare. The large space with hardwood floors makes it a great room for big drum sounds.

-2 iso booths 8'x10' and 7'x8'. There is plenty of space in each for recording vocals, percussion overdubs etc… A small drum kit will fit in the larger of the two as well.

-Double 2x4 wall construction - That's (2) 2"x4" walls with 2 layers of 5/8" drywall on each (outer) side with an air gap between walls for decoupling. Green glue acoustic compound was also used between drywall layers.

-Acoustic panels and bass traps in all recording areas.

-3/4' Maple Hardwood Floors throughout.

-Ultra-quiet acoustically treated heating and cooling system.

New! Universal Audio 4-710D 4-channel Tube/Solid State Mic Pre.

New! Pro Tools 12 HD with Avid 16 Analog I/O.

Since 1994, we have been helping independent artists with recording, mastering and cd/dvd duplication projects. Our recording studio is situated in the Vine Neighborhood, downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. The studio is a 1,600 SF space w/ a large control room, spacious live room, breakroom and outdoor patio. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of projects - it's been our pleasure to work with so many talented people with different styles.

Flexible Scheduling:
Days, evenings & weekends are all fair game. Recording is what we do. Click here to get openings.

We can help you along the way! Consider scheduling a session to utilize our large live room and extensive mic collection to record your drum tracks. We'll export the tracks and save them to a disc for you to take home and continue to work on in your home studio.
broadside productions - recording studio - Kalamazoo, Mi. 49008 Ph: 269.226.0948